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with enlarged liver and spleen ; all or a few of these, coupled with the

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healthy expedition than the British in its most un-

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depraved or vicious elements predominate ; he becomes

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man only a brief statement in Koeing as to the existence of the

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further lessened the chances of recovery among the patients. Few

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and pneumonia. In the early stages of chill treat as for

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localized, is over an area of tuberculosis or other infiltration,

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cells " of pregnancy, from the interglandular connective tissue.

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The intensity of the renal glycosuria will vary with the degree of

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that Azam has succeeded in hypnotizing a female, sixty-three years old.

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animal was allowed neither food of any kind to eat, nor water.

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more evident, and to which I must refer, to caution friends in

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reviews of nonscientific subjects. Other topics include com-

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larity was so great at the court of Cassel that he could not obtain

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covery from disabling heart disease can be obtained by

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be of some service. When on his legs, deal gently with him. Let

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the necessity of cremation for sanitary purposes, it

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10. A register should be kept, in prescribed form, of all hogs

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Improved Belt, without Cup, as shown in Fig. 1 3.00

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turbance. On the other hand, Mackenzie's former theory

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Hereditary — Transmitted from parent to offspring.

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by avoiding jealousy, selfishness, peevishness, and outbursts of tem-

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the hope that it may be possible to prepare them or their simpler salts

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far gone and the organs can still be braced and made

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engaged during his spare moments since the session commenced

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belonging to the Institute of Technology, which had the temperature

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ments give general approval. Dr. Clark has declined ap-



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