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a low lunacy rate accompanying a decreasing population, as we

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months. Some digestive disturbance. Sp. gr. of urine, 1042: color, pale strav/ ; re-

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scarcely, if ever, make the acquaintance of sponge and water, and

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the respiratory centre. How often one sees this accident in cases of

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a secondary one, or a complication of some acute febrile

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suffered from spastic hemiplegia of the arm accompanied by

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the patient came to us with the characteristic roseola of syphilis.

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extremely sensitive body of the diseased patient was much

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involving the orbit almost always recur, following apparent cure by

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chargeable more to their improper cooking and filthy

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1 Virginia Medical Journal, op. cit. Lectures on Nervous Diseases, op. cit.

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Our knowledge is constantly increasing concerning the food factor of

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nlcers has been destroyed with active caustics, sach as chloride of zinc, etc.

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revealed, but where postmortem examinations are not made,

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Section 1. — Ancient History of Hindu M edicine , 11

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however, was ol)tained with restoration of power in

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ity, select those of a large, compact form, that show by

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dation is only provided for half the number of animals, the building is

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we so much admire in dear old Mr. Gracely was the result

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or at least, practical instruction by a teacher to' a pupil, in the presence of

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of Health for fifteen years, 1890 to 1904, inclusive, comprising 23,835 cases.

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comes through the windows. In large factories window ventila-

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deputies, not exceeding four in number, at any time he can not personally attend

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resemble those of pyaemia. Of the acute cases, those infected

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affected the periphery of the seat of the disease. It

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eye diseases. In addition, the very rapid advances made in general

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Hospital. Nearly the whole of the right tonsU was covered with a soft

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last. There was, however, a history of haemoptysis eleven years

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as a refuge for syphilitics and as a means of teaching

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twenty-seventh-day cord showed no signs of illness up

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meantime ordained to be taken to the Burgh Muir until she should be recovered.

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spend a goodly portion of the day in the open air with gentle or



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