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location is not (•{)mj)lc(c, as I liavc l)cfiuo stated occasionally

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ral, with small doses of antimony, opium, and calomel combined in

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of immune sera for diphtheria, meningitis, or for tetanus infections.

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ceptible to it, following experimental inoculation, it will be con-

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remarks, that the youthful or inexperienced practitioner may

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When a muscle is in a state of apparant permanent muscular

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the curse as we of this nineteenth century, and yet many of them lived

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matter of enormous practical importance ; because if this con-

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Dr. Eade (Norwich) remarked on the advantages of phosphoric acid alone

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energy upon the infected particles of the blood, which may

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the American Continent, is it not the case that its infec-

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The ductus arteriosus was open in nine cases, closed in

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sions. Usually there is sinus thrombosis as well. Cer-

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His cure was now completed bv giving him a oold bath,

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forcing herself as much as possible, in like manner as when

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m/32 CaCl 2 . The same is true for other salts, e.g., Na 2 S0 4 or SrCl 2 ;

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determine which providers will qualify for reimbursement.

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scriptions of some of the most able and successful pr.actitioners of the day, it affords an

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should be replaced by legislation which will place upon an adopting

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epileptics are many. But the ratio is not found to be larger than in the

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converting them into ammonia, nitric and nitrous acids.

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Stringent Law Enforcement Program transforms city that

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Bonetus and Morgagni ; the last, as in many other cases, is in an

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it fairly demonstrated. We may theorize as much as we

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Were pains alone, therefore, always regarded as symp-

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