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The argument was final that drew its proof from the
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suffered from sleeplessness and tym[)anites, and died on
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41 ; with I, 30 ; with the remaining consonants collectively, 39.
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" Father of his Country," might have been spared for years, perhaps, to
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and did not rise again above 99 F. until after the pus had been evacu-
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1943. ( \snr.i i ano, S. Gordon, Central & Shelmire Aves. (19111)
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discovered a leakage of gas, and he did what all people do,
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Jefferson street, and so lying one square nearer to the river,
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to indicate a spontaneous origin of the contagium from pythogenic causes
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diastole and its position at the left sternal border, such a murmur might
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vided they are not otherwise counter-indicated. Those juices
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ages. What a terror and crash succeeded its fall! Ages
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table and penal institutions. This must be by number or by name.
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mastoid ; and in another (P.M. 48) there was evidence of severe otitis on
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seems to be in pain ; pupils vei-y large ; light causes
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paratus remained in place, as on the day of its application ; the leaden
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k have in all instances stated that there will be no live
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beri-beri, the patient had an attack of relapsing fever with three
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as of a snap at the back of his neck, and recollected nothing more about
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irrigating on the amount of alkali in the soil. The results
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must put prominently Dr. Parkin, because he boldly attacks many of the prevailing
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edition. Illustrated ; pp. xxiv + 765. Price 12s. 6d. net. London : William
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r^>orted to act as an antheunintic ; and lastly, the H3anenodiotyon excelsum, a tree belonging



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