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has increased six-fold, and syphilis and scrofula have fearfully

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and still leave uninjured as tender foliage as that of pota-

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even if made conspicuous by cries and writhings, is

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Kingsto^vn. The population of this area is 407,057, that of the

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nervous affection of the stomach which consists of a sudden

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however, they are very much so, the fingers being rigid, half-

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sical and moral effects, &c. Several papers on " Mechanics'

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the latter part of the puerperium — indeed, post-puerperal infection has

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food, the use of pure water, and salt regularly twice a

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made on the farm, consisting of a shed for the shelter of

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ing" medical journalists, with whom celerity of report

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V body contained large oval cells, with one or more

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to which the cases are subjected, the fewer are the " cures,"

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Myles C. Morrison, Jr., M.D. (1985) (Morris) Morristown

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from the administration of a quarter of a grain shortly before the

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current to the right subclavian vein will carry the lymph

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results, but the mortality (50 per cent, in the former)^

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In the 'New York Journal of Surgery for May there is an in-

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comatose from the effects of opium ; pulse 140 ; skin dry and hot ; coun-

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Pasteur's teaching confirmed Lister's opinion that they

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dex of the advent of dreaded complications and the ex-

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Braid, arose chiefly through Liebault's influence, one of

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is clear that intramine, an organic sulphur compound, if

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