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vitiate their health, and render their milk unwholesome.

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It is recognized that prostatism may arise from a variety of

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tance being that for seat height and others being for

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means for its recognition. On these points it ought to be

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If I take an animal living in the ordinary temperature,

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cient superior costal motion on that side. Notable dulness on percussion

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Well, grief is unavailing now. She lies in her little tomb ;

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59. Brown JJ, Davies DL, Lever AF, Parker RA, Robertson JIS: The assay of renin

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fourteen months. Five are living, and the subject of this

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the more experienced teams. This proved to be especially true of the

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following delegates of the U. S. : Drs. Walter Wyman, Wash-

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recalls that of De Quincey without its glitter, indeed,

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Reader, George Gordon. Livingston Farrand Professor

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immobilization had been applied. Evacuation was via the

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tity of urine secreted then becomes progressively scantier, until

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the fifth day, and every other day afterwards until the

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for the production of the most desirable mules, uniting

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and covered by tightly distended skin, often disappear under the influence of

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modified ; detached from the Washington Navy Yard and or-

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even the art of writing seems to have perished, and a

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temperature taken every hour for 24 hours after the injection.

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29. Ambrosia Trifida. Rich weed. This weed was used by the In-

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in phalanx or rows ; there are three for each toe except the great toe

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