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proportion as the same organs possess more strength and perfection, and in a

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iratio of mortality, excluding the last case, being 1^ per cent.

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Assistant Attending Physician, North Shore University

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the chest. There is no diverging system of lymphatic vessels, corre-

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beginning mechanical treatment. The support, whether

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Here his sister watched him afar off, and one of Pharaoh's daughters

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his views upon Bright' s disease, showing that this affection,

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Fig 2. John Redman. Oil. Unknown artist. 30" X 36".

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tion. You’ve met one of them, right?” With a wave of my

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Such sui^cal residuum is not a very inviting field for any one^

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ten days, but began to improve on December 10, soon after I

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and pointed out the various ^kinds of modifying impulses reaching the

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In Rome the chief of these deities was Febris, the only one

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towards the end with a spatula, until a consistence is

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Four days before death it was reported that his urine was of specific

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Dr. Edgar Garceau: "A Case of Extirpation of Kidney and

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the epithelium was entirely ciliated. [He says nothing through-

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quented — especially the torpedo fish — for the cure of dis-

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possible. In persons whose brains have been overt^ixed, w^hether

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in my laboratory will determine peptide mimotopes for

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determine the value of such animal according to the provisions of said section

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and for four hours during the day with windows and doors closed.

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that disease were registered during the week ending

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teries as Long as the heart itself continued in action, and some-

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Can the Secretary of War show any good reason why a

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from constitutional debility, so that, even while it might be regular and its pro-

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V/s grains per day half the time and 3 grains per day the remainder of the

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it was vitiated by the foul fteams of the bail-dock, and

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induced to republish it, with some emendations, in 1821. The plates, nine in

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and spine, in the height of the shoulders and the position of the scapulae,

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abundant supply of genuine good spirits of your own.

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that of other infectious diseases has led the writer to regard these groups of

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single element which was common to all these experiments, viz., traumatism,



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