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Gangrene of the Cord. — Is incurable, as it is never discovered

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in acute rheumatism: " Opium, it is thought, interferes with the favorable ac-

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The Throat and Nose, and their Diseases. By Lennox Browne,

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than 21 years, mother using illicit drugs during preg-

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medical colleges is found qualified to pass the Naval or

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there is a constant evaporation of moisture which robs

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tenders — for pure quacks, whatever good qualities they may some-

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the time he is drinking no air can enter the lungs. Ample

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general health, causing anaemia and weakness and sallowness of

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the third and the most imperative, the existence of local inflammation." The

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Tliere was a considerable increase at time corresponding to

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units of antitetanic serum were injected intraspinally ; 3000 units

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this percolate with the two portions previously reserved, assay a

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tively free from alkali and whose characteristic shrub.

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Dublin, there were 1,203 ; and at the meeting at N^ewcastle,

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hematogenous (Kretz^) and alimentary theories (Aschofif^), the idea

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inch, and on the palm of the hand and the sole of the foot^

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be ignorant of the details of mathematical science, and

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view, presenting the appearance described m a former case.

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Gm. of senna and i Gm. of sulphur in each 4 Gms. Used as a laxa-

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nyne pieces of rowan trie, and to were thame upone him for his

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needed if such a course is carried out, as free elimination

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they offer an open door through which may enter into the deeper

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UCSF at Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii. 1 wk. 27 hrs. $950.

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17th. — Vertigo came on yesterday, consequently the pills were

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certain groups from that of Professor Huxley ; at the same time,

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possible trace was found in 40 per cent.; a very slight trace in 4.5 per cent.;

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cleaning are done with clockwork regularity, and the feeder

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of iron salts. The cell substance, instead of being uniform, sometimes con-

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bandage, so as to make firm and even pressure over the whole

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1904 b.— Yellow fever. [Abstract of 1903 a] <J. Trop. M., Lond., v. 7 (3),

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occurs, but also the immediate destiny of the stored sugar. The storage



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