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attempted; and for this purpose, opiate injections, with the hip-

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inunction does not do any good and, when we take into account the actively

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reparation of the mischief caused by the wound requires pure blood and the

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and oiled. The wall paper and rugs should be harmonious and restful

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tarsal bones, and serious shortening of the foot. (4)

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*55°4 Types of scenery and their influence on literature.

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experiments show that division of the axon at a distance does not

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these classes we occasionally receive a copy returned and marked

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two inflammations ever be accurately differentiated from each other. The attacks of

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very low bed to urinate about every half hour, on account of a chronic cystitis.

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hand" in some emergency ; and pulling off Ms coat, worked with a will, until he perspired freely,

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we find special mention of the fact. The patient is

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chemist should give bis entire attention to the study of Pathological Urine.

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pains of delivery ought, if not already come, to be

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keeping skilled operators alv* ays busy. With head cases there is the

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Common in all cultivated grounds ; clean cultivation. - *

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Medical Association ; and facts, furnished by high authority,

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to bound out of their shoes, when papa or mamma brings home from

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low, Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, Min-

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cases will now be allowed to progress to an extreme condition

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the cyst has sometimes caused absorption of the bones

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providing for its topographical survey, its drainage, or its

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the appendix. The incision we make will be considerably longer,

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slipped into this incision and connection with the battery made.

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from the urine. The occurrence of this cycle of elimination can

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(2) patients with second- or third-degree AV block except in the



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