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under the use of saccharin, and on discontinuing the drug the urine will
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time that is unavoidably caused when wounded men have to be
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bull, as is the present custom — by which feed and time are
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An obstetrical group in the southern Jersey area had the unusual
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though he could distinguish faces and large objects. It was evident
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Gastrointestinal: Flepatitis, jaundice, abnormal liver function. Central Nervous System:
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Canadian Public Health and Ontario Health Officers' Associations
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they are light reddish, dull purplish-red, or viola-
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When the complicating factors were eliminated, the patient rapidly
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88. The standard blank forms used in army administration,
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his papers, " Tlie Blood Corpuscle considered in its different
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presents clearly-defined characters in distinct elemen-
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in the way of recognition of their true character as this disease
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taken place. This did not occur without the usual presentation
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right side of the abdomen was so great for several days that
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James I. of Scotland, one of that noble and unfortu-
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sent and full knowledge of the circumstances, as has been done in
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and would only say that we think its translator has erred in having
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full use of the facilities which its excellent building
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amined by attempting to blow out the blood. When the blood
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patient for about thirty minutes, rubbing, kneading, and gently
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ances and high fever, rapid, full, strong pulse, jerking up of the head,
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acid. The organic matters are particles of epithelium and the volatile
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It strikes one as a somewhat bold proposal to introduce a foreign



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