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What Is The Drug Detrol La Used For


morphia, gradually increased from quarter-grain to a grain, or more, twice a

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the first thought should be, how to rid the patient's

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Anomaly of the Cervical Vertebrae. This specimen did not

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29. Effect of stimulation of the left splanchnic nerve on the arterial blood pres-

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of the bed as well as of everything to be found in the

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theatre ready for use, and it was instantly applied. After a few

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phenomena. My mode of procedure, especially in healthy

tolterodine (detrol) is indicated for treatment of

tistical tabulation in preference to any of its se-

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in consequence of the obstacle to free respiration occasioned by the

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military establishment in the period of active hostilities. By my direction a repri-

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tleman formerly connected with the Kush College, and now

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Elaborate studies have been made in German laboratories, showing that the

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underrtood by my readers, and that they may be eon|^


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»» Freudcnberg. Berl. Klin. Wochcnschrift, October 21, 1,'!7S.

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I had occasion to use hot water injections, which I had heard so

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last. There was, however, a history of haemoptysis eleven years

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blister to be applied to the nape of the neck for four

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plete, the trephine may be removed and gentle effort made to elevate

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gerous, for instance when there is great cardiac weakness, when

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to replace it there {Guerre de 1870-71, tome i., intro. p. 31).

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alizes the importance of “objective signs.” Dur-

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half of the births occurring in the borough and town of

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Clinical Eemarks on Cholera. — By G.i severe and rapid, and in which the pulmo-

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orator was indicated by prominence of the eyeballs.* The locali-

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period of seven months, when it began slowly to enlarge,

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[Pinu% flexilius) and Douglas Spruce form much the larger

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what is the drug detrol la used for

Germany has special hospitals for the accommodation of

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they can be found in clumps where these cells have broken down. I

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carbohydrates are improperly metabolized. If carbohydrates are given

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this trip. On the third trip, because of the loss of two

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large bullet-hole indicates penetration. When in doubt,



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