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he lay until a passer-by took him home. I with my preceptor saw

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Causes. Generally from some thickening of the glands

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tinued occupation of infected camps, has led to the

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treated with an excess of a solution of neutral lead

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siderably more favorable results may be anticipated.

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in the faeces ; but the impregnated female migrates to the caecum, where

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{toj(atitta) meaoe a local or partial anrinla, and waa latrodiiced hy Yir-

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damoms prepared with hrandi/, 1 pint, tincture of can-

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cure of hernia will soon be much more frequently performed

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occurred, such ajs spongy gams with hoemorrhage, unusual debility^

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and cutting through the entire vitreous humor witli

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fifty cases, and the total number of my cases has since that time

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they chiefly contain. The elimination in question is effected in the

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which we commented editorially in the last issue of

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it shared in the fatigues and dangers of war, and, in just return.

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letters, with business, with law, with medicine, with ac-

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all corrupt matter and to dissolve any hardnesses which

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uric acid and the urates, the phosphates, and sodium

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disease of the gall-bladder is present, an expiratory groan escapes

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In the literature of the early days of cerebral surgery may be found

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induce surgeons to pause before resorting to operations which, in most regions

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cannot assume to occupy any other place in this army than that of a soldier

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times they are still worse — that is to say, they are equivocal,

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often saw this trouble of the omasum. It is hard to tell just what is

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Pyle, Francis Winthrop, A.B., Yale, '97 P. & S., N. Y., '02 Bridgeport.

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mother's pregnancy, and having for its typical morbid states the

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lous taint; or possibly from contracted scrofulous impurity ; but syphi-

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3. The dose must be accurately measured into a graduated



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