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ished, m ten days the state of affairs was wonderfully improved, and I

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less than 100 years ago. Thanks to her for light, vision and in-

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Eleocharis ovata, Roem. & Schult. Syst. ii. 152 (1817).

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an hour, it increases from the limits of invisibility with an immersion lens No.

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conjunctiva, passing by sympathy to the lachrymal gland, produces

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animals; but this is not the case here, or so far as the

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and perspective (by Dr. Neatby and the operator on the epi-

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s\iggestion was made to introduce a few cat's hairs.

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is from the pen of Dr. Billings, and appears to be a concise and capable con-

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sufficient growth of pneumococcus in the mouse peritoneum for the

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working hypothesis, but it cannot yet be regarded as a complete

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himself to such a degree by violent exercise, and being

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Southern Medical College, says : "Antikamnia has given me the

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mixed with a little water, also the lemon juice. Give one boil

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from the physicist that the earth is heating up and

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a cylindrical percolator and macerate and percolate as directed for

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a similar manner is now being prepared by a number of commercial

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sound, the capsule was lifted from the part of the urethral

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gradually extended his promenades, and can now walk

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about fourteen cents, is charged. Many restaurants and cafes

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symptoms are so fully detailed as to leave no doubt

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be lost sight of, that " the body possesses a perfectly marvellous

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In this way is explained the value of irrigations, whether used

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be opened for removal of the stone which has been crushed, it is almost

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contain pathogenic bacilli in very small numbers. On several occasions,

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It especially would be helpful to the Credentials Committee

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breath, pruritus, skin rash, dry mouth, bitter taste,

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radial form continues. In the M^hinidm^ however, while some genera — as the



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