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edition at that." It is, in fact, based upon the second edition which
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have also to thank him for the intelligence and care he took in
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In the examination of all cases of speech-defect we have to test in a sys-
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bring about relaxation of the gut in front of the stimulus and contrac-
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entirely. Some patients received 10 minims every four hours, four
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degrees, from the contraction and elongation of the irritable
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Phenacetin. — Ru.MPF, of Bonn, in the Berlin, kliti.
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malaria, amoebic dysentery, relapsing fever, Plant's or Vincent's
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side? Bodily functions regular and natural? Do the bowels act everyday? State in addition
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artery ; the other cardiac curves are normal in shape and size. The abdominal
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clinic; also, if possible, separate hours for the treatment of
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on the 1 8th the other. The Negri bodies were found in both the
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thus j)lace in jeopardy, every day, the lives of our fel-
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for Medical Services, on the principal medical officer himself.
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case may be more truly arrived at in the secondary or
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Case 89.— A woman, aged 48, entered the hospital June 27, 1916. A diag-
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Case 1. — Miss J , aged twenty years, a strong and well'
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led through Tabrees, Tiflis, Erzeroom, and Trebezond to the Black Sea. In
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integuments were carefully re-adjusted, and retained by sutures
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The paging of this book is decidedly misleading, as it is inter-
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and the date of conception. . . . This uncertainty as to when conception
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so successfully performed by Dr. O'Dwyer in the Xew York Foundling
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given to the employees to wear on their overalls as reminders of the
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as by tattooing the cornea an invisible opacity may be occasioned which will
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the same in leukemia as in normal individuals. It has been described
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and Cook County hospitals. M., Th., 9:00-11:00. 48 hours. Limited to
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Finally, must we not equally admit that this hyper-
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labeled correctly or with a modification of the name, we beg to in-
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compress never get dry and at least twice a day the
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and Lyman's hospital, where a few cases were in waiting for
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tion of Coesarean section with success in a patient 3 ft. 10 in. in
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