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action, he must respond promptly with full comprehension of

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nism by which high-density lipoproteins may slow the atherogenic

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angina. CARDIZEM has been effective in controlled trials in

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tubercle bacilli, with an interval between the two injections.

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medicines ordinarily prescribed by the regular frater-

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writing. He is disposed to think that there was in that case a

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Uses; Billaosoess, kmim, Dyspepsia, Ognstp!io!i, ao!! all

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favors the limb, standing with it flexed. If he is made to move

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neat distinction is drawn between the two groups of drugs

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to take steps to secure the isolation of the affected or suspected cases,

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prevents the gravel and stone, but also other diseases. The

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iteln; aa iHjaalble, and U the appointed bout of 10 a.K , tbe Cuuimlltf i

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respiratory diseases; in some instances leading to respiratory

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lower part of the thorax, posteriorly on both sides, and very harsh respiratory

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but I think the office has been borne by both of them.

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Age.- — The disease may occur almost at any age, and cases are

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for capital operations is by no means an unimportant consideration. A

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Assistant Attending Psychiatrist, New York Hospital.

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Heitzmann, L. , urinary analysis and diagnosis. US; Heriick, C. B.,

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and a part of the spinal column, including four or five of the

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extent that members of influential groups like the ACIP, the

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an important change is taking place in this department of knowledge ; and that just in

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cannot assign a morbid constitution, but ) I should reckon them amongst the good

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confirmed the nature of the changes ; the hemorrhagic

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city authorities having refused to support the laboratory.

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"As to other remedies recommended by various authors,

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sending to table put in a few dumplings. As veal makes a

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early, examine it carefully, and must be allowed to name

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the second. The intestine having been set free, a portion of epiploon was

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organs and the more marked individuality of the whole organism

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natural outfalls of the land must be kept in order, obstruc-



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