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lead wire was pulled through. The clamp was passed down on the wire and

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often appears on the site of mercurial inunction. Dr. R. had

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cially induce a weakened condition of that muscle, simi-

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of the Punjab and of Rajputana. A zone, with an annual fall of

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met by a substantial award. The deceased was in the habit of taking phen-

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how long the suspicious phenomena have been noticed, if horses have

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epithelium, but in the interior, an alveolar structure with epider-

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Name the ductless glands. What is the specific office of each in

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four years, because the land became too valuable ; building operations

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an annular orifice is found in the linea alba between the ensiform

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Symptoms.— Chorea is defined as a nervous disease, the seat of

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to place, or be easily injured by exposure to changes of tempera-

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effects afterwards. This is a wonderful discovery, and the

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labour, but accidental high readings may be got during the first

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tively calm. This was repeated every twelve hours for four or five days, during

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carbonise the parts of the body subjected to it and destroy life.

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separate monographs on Inflammation, Thrombosis, and Cardio-vascular

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The hitter's classification of cutaneous diseases is ad-

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graceful and dishonored life, perhaps a shameful and violent

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observed by him previously to the naturalist of Berlin.

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been used to designate the causal agent of foot-and-mouth disease, but

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lecture-room, on the gates of the College, where my pupils could not but pass, and

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say, in regard to the results of his management of typhus fever,

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presented last year, and two additional electives arc

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At length the captain was called on for the money. He re-

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expulfion of the morbific matter ; this ufually lafts

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add to the secondary hypertrophy when it existed. Prolonged baths and

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healed, and was among those who were attacked by hospital gan-



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