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as the cause of the hay fever, is often the result of the

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The most striking pathology was located in the chest

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placement resulted from the forcing of the upper fragment

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Dr. Douglas Heath said he had tabulated a large number of cases of

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4. Fusel oil, an amylic alcohol, an oily, nearly colorless liquid, is an

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of straw introduced while picking the teeth. A very

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are the following: Both visiting and assistant physi-

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no facial or lingual paresis, but in the right half of the tongue there is a marked

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W. Holmes and C. D. Meigs on the nature of puerperal

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is, before the vital power has sunk too low. It was not to be expected that a

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at Bellevue hospital but a few days since, this method of treatment for radical cure was

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fkin might be rendered the more denfe and folid : but

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what, the laws by which a mote or a mountain is formed, a monad or

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space in this work, and I recommend them to the reader's perusal.

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noids which we know have power to determine putrefaction in perfectly

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with ordinary muco-purulent matter ; but when placed in water the casts

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severe cases of retention due to a perfectly tight stricture he had

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The method to be instituted is to keep the throat clear of accumu-

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higher /and straight ; 4. The stump is square and level ; 5. liie operation is

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^«.>iue |>ecaliar action on the blood in health ; bat a Restora*

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C. A. CuAWFOKD, assistant surgeon, detached from the

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reason, I have been a strong proponent of home health care,

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compensatory combustion is taking place in the muscles,

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examined under the microscope, are found to consist of a group of air

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73. Elias PM, Williams ML, Maloney ME, Fntsch PO, Chung JC: Drug-induced

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4,700 journals. "Literature selected, abstracted, edited, and indexed by

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thoughtful physicians, who despise the millinery of re-

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the sterilised director and its carrier. If no important structures

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health had been failing for several months, and for the last

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is based. Cleanliness in the thoroughly surgical sense of

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«* vanifhed. At leaft there was no excrefcence. The

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140, Rubus villosus. Blackberry. >• of the above ber-

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other form than as they are, transcribed al.uost verbatim from ray case

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I have thus given a brief sketch of the evidence in



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