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persist. There is usually haemorrhage from the mucous surfaces, and

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Conscious as I am of the solicitude you have ever evinced for

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crystallisation probably depend simply on the fact that the French and

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able damage to sight unless some speedy means of relief could

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slowly until it has passed somewhat above the third

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however, special facilities for the isolation of cases may be required.

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large portion of these cases may be credited to the account of

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and it is probable that the intrusion of courts of law in the family acceler-

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cultures belonged mostly to a mycoplasma — as a sadder-but-

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fermentation and putrefaction, and transform this channel

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tral telephone station where a watch is kept day and

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patient is not in a fit state to drink the sulphur waters, very great

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1. Bennett, Hughes. " Sensory Cortical Discharges," iancei, March and April

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Proposition XVI. is, that "Amputations of the thigh for disease are

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the forerunner of a very fatal fonn of lead p(>isoning. In lead encephalo-

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such rare occasions it Is more often treated as a joke than otherwise.

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this curious breathing anomaly goes on to fatal suffocation, owing to a

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following a blow, recalls a case of mine which recently

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out of the exact order of events, it must either be

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having brought these means fully into action and properly applying

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under consideration, and I regret to be unable to furnish a positive answer

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liar to, general paralysis ; 2d. Sclerosis of the parts

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Sporadic cretinism is a comparatively rare disease, but cases of it have

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In the month of December of the year 1829 it may not

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although previous to the arrival of the steamboat, which brought the

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13th, Dr. Walter G. Sullivan, aged forty-six years.

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position, and the parts are shown in their natural color, with their rela-

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In some cases the mass has been so hard that water would

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a treatise on antiseptic surgery and ptomaines. I had intended



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