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rounded and solid, but not prominent; a slender waist; shoulders and

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existence, and hence the demands on the brain, are severer than

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department has the duty of setting forth before the House and the

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long resisted inanition, but the young withstand it longer than is gen-

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The subject of foetid breath and its kindred annoyances, foetid

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other arteries, &c. There is rarely any dyspnoea, if the blood be

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Mass. The animal gave birth, without assistance, to a healthy

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unfavourable to a marked degree ; for if death do not ensue in an

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On auscultation of the heart, an anaemic blowing sound is heard at

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promptlj pajiog, do much to iosore greater ImproTemeDts, a foQer

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finger is an instrument with brains in it, and conse-

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sufficient growth of pneumococcus in the mouse peritoneum for the

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14. Mielke, Georg. Blutkdrperchenzalungen bei Rotz und differential-

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urine was found to be ammoniacal with traces of mucus, fol-

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Fig. 15. — Radiogram of cretin illustrated in Figure 12, showing delayed

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four cases of the kind, and from these deduced the following conclusions : 1.

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hours previously to our meetiuc^. I referred him to an

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The parts which come from its ventral surface, to wit,

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of relapses is concerned, and I believe my patients have even

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Mr. A. F. Bennett, a graduate of the Agricultural Department of the

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the microscopical examinations, and gave the histories of sis cases ; also

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Chloro-dihydro-quinine. — 133 g. of anhydrous dihydro-quinine di-

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arachnoid area, where they drain into the cerebral sinuses through the

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formation beforehand to the candidates for the degree of the

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where secondary hemorrhage had taken place, and was indicated by a ' burning

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