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Without going into discussion of the pathology of asthma,

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from bacilli lodged in the pleural capillaries. The alveoli were filled

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28. Fistulous withers are brought on usually by pressure frpm u

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making good physicians or of laboratory work in ad-

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growth and progress, from very small beginning, he was witness

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relations with one another. From this, we hope to offer definite ideas

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quantity of non-diabetic blood with the same proportion of water, methylene

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hospital, the rest, as they are examined, are let loose in the

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principal theories relating to a subject, with a critical discussion of them,

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rest alone is not sufficient to cure the diastasis when it is con-

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drainage, Clarke, M. D., 190; the hygiene of criminal courts and

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One of the most common medicolegal questions physi-

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the nerves and even the muscles had in part lost their excitability. In these

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skin is hot and dry ; while the pulse is full and frequent, and the

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as a specialist in future editions, please contact the Massachusetts Sports

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pig, in the blood of which had been found spirochetes, and then, after

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not possible, however, previous to the operation, to distinguish,

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ticular angle in fault, he makes good by the most extensive

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behind the cervix, a rather firm and quite tender tumor is felt, and

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book is not of the encyclopedic character of Knies'

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Having regard to the fibroid condition the part assumes, I have

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however, was able to separate, by salting out with magnesium sul-

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equality taken, together with many incidents of undoubted humor, but

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the extraction of teeth. Since that time I have used it

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in the use of Sar. pur. for small-pox, thus: — "I am

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attacks, followed by hemiplegia and various disturbances of motility which are

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fession of all schools, and Reports and Reprints of Medical Articles from such will be

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sionally to glance back at what they did, that knowing

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ment. It is produced by the slightest mental excitement, by lack of

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the breasts allows the ovaries to return to their work. When at

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" That dairy cows have tuberculosis, we are certain, and that

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next freely exposed. Where coverings seem thinnest, catch up a

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suggestive effort of the " operation." It must, therefore, have

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two in number, and ' allied to them were four bookkeepers. The number of

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the ergot treatment and kept it up for a week, twenty

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assumed that eclecticism in medicine is an entity, and that it

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cause. The physician who did not recognise the salpingitis

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Professor Rutherford congratulated Dr Smart on the value and

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Report of the Tenth Ross Round Table on Critical Approaches to

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Blackfriars Kirk anent it, and the whole chirurgeons and professors of medicine



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