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[The clinical application of the X-ray, on account of expense
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planted in me ; and if I possessed such a gift, I had no need of learn-
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vanced work in the Department at the option of the instructor offering advanced
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remedy is added to the list that often proves successful. And
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the psoas magnus is exposed. Divide the attachment of the psoas
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men and experts themselves. The appointees would receive their com-
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improve the quality of the secretion, whether mucous or puru-
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united perfectly, and he is here to show how well he can
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rate rooms for those who can pay for their treatment, in addition
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8. Intoxications. There are a number of toxic conditions which we
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was due to the leeches which infest the numerous small lakes and
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solicited his advice, which he freely gave, and for which I am
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ing down from the surrounding air, as we used to wash
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its mental and physical characteristics, each its diseases,
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delivering a number of insane patieuts from squalor
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patient go into typhus fever, dull, stupid, and indifferent,
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tices of local businesses where profits added little to the
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tion and a surrounding engorgement which pits on press-
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the deeper connections of the tumour, transvei"se sections
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scess; this must be cut -down to and removed. When the fracture occurs
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maximum inspiration ; d", diaphragm when abdomen is compressed ; d — d' in
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treatment is that, up to the present, it has been found impossible to grow
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when she again returned to her home. Shortly after, she
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the Continent, which were all available for reference. He further
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nsemia, medical interference often suffices to effect a rapid cure,
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yet precision may well yield to the manifest convenience
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also vary in intensity, according to the immediate cause which has occajiioned
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> Introdactorv lecture to the course in hematology at the Harvard



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