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and, on one occasion, from the Battery, the distinct

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quate suction lumen made of a non-irritating plastic ma-

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by a committee before the candidate can be balloted for, A

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an examination of the sputum. In gangrene there is more destruction of

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may have to be tempted at first by oysters, light puddings, poached eggs,

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it may be almost impossible early in an attack to make a positive diagnosis.

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process of the temporal bone, or a foreign body, with

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vantage has been taken of the errors of our ancestors,

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B. O. & C. C. WILSON, 28 Merchants Row, Boston, Mass.

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ing mixture were given her : Fowler's solution, J, mint water, f.


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too constantly and studying too closely, is as injurious to the

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ovaries, and the transformations undergone by these effused matters. The

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distinctly lower than the recurrence rate for pellagrous females in

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We report 4 eases of Trousseau's syndrome, in which spontaneous recurrent or migratory venous thromboses,

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assessments, shall be expulsion from the Association.

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Review of the Hitherto Reported Cases of Renal Glycosuria,

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walked peculiarly, and a year later he began to have

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Charcot and Bouchard, which play so important a role in the causation of

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