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plegia, or intracranial hemorrhage. These signs and symp-

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•' favourite," though he may since have resumed it. An inter-

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A control specimen in which the fat is dissolved by ether is needed,

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severe cases of paralysis of the lower limbs if the psoas have or have not

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the endeavour to accomplish these objects, and the work is now

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courses of the last two yeirs, designed to carry out

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pecially with the cultural suggestions and tabulations. Hon.

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then with one hand holding the fimdus of the uterus,

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now the lady claims divorce on the ground of unconsuminated mar-

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This beautiful little Orchid is as rare here as elsewhere. The

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nerve by the different positions indicated* In other words, in

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Treatment. — In beribeii districts low-lying, damp localities should be

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to me in sterile sealed tubes. From all of the grasses and foliage,

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after the bromide she should not sleep, to take ten drops

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effects the object. No tar-cord or strapping, or alteration of the

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hfe, a fact which supports my contention that a preponderating importance

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and finally a saturated soltition. Silver nitrate at

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No indisposition in an infant should be regarded lightly. The

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Dr. J. J. Pringle, President of the Section, in the Chair.

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an operation is justifiable. Patients themselves do not know

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who was pregnant, causing her very poor health and premature birth

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views suflSciently rational to recommend it, at least for conside-

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since it eliminates a source of danger and permits the radical cure

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rishment at its mouth. Hippocrates affirms that the child

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first thing to bear in mind is that the pneumogastric nervous system

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(1694 a). — Disputatio medlca inauguralis de lumbricis alvum occupantibus. 4°.

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owing to the destruction of the vesicular tissue by the pressure of

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occasional vomiting, accompanied by severe colicky pains and

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particularly as it is discovered in the District of Columbia and vicinity.



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