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epitheUal elements. In other words, it is a bioplast resulting

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ing the two halves of the kidney was as wide as either of the halves, and the

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a murmur a common incident in a child aged 5 years. He (the speaker)

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As is well known, Professor H. C. Wood is an authority on

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of from I to 1*50 g., and when it is not well borne, the dose of the

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All communications should be sent to the Editor, The

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ever attained without labor? Turn to history and question our greatest

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treatment three times daily; Squad 4, treatment four times daily. Cultures

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ture of aconite root four times in the day, tO calm the sys-

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apparently normal uterus, with a very small tumour at the

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severely criticises any violations thereof which obtain publicity, especially

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lows it quickly there is some danger of taking cold.

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infected with streptococcus, which reojjened and discharged for

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stituted. This contact takes place in the lungs ; not

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of a cervical rib. In another case a cervical rib gave rise to

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death they were inflammatory products of recent origin

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upon the determination of this salt to the inflamed lung; and that

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are distended ; hydronephrosis results. The undue pressure upon the

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genograms failed to reveal any tuberculous process. The patient had returned

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Medical College, nor the Class of 1871, of which I was a member. I

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nervous system, that the personal equation is to be regarded. The

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Ireland, and in his excellence both in medicine and

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number of deaths annually from small-pox, in London, during the

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and moist, and, on testing, are found to be astigmatic. This

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the characteristic deformity, to which allusion has been

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of the class spoken of into any sort of an association,

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year, the remuneration of the Secretary and the Treasurer, and such other sug-

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the Eighth Biennial ^Eeport, a copy of which will be gladly

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elsewhere; while a number of French surgeons believed in the total

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