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How To Wean Off Trazodone


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matism, syphilis, etc. (c) Overwork, especially early in life, (d)
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the stomach and inle-stine. There was cloudy nwell-
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influence. The amount cannot be defined, but, practically, this
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culosis. The countries are given in alphabetical order,
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exposed and seized, and to his astonishment he fnind
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Katz, Sheila (U. of Chicago Med. School), Durham, N. C.
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moments after entering the apartnu^nt, it soon sul)-
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interference. His reason for this was the greater tendency to
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necessity of operation — nephrotomy — which is of re-
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peared in five or six weeks without either surgical or
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of one eye; it then attacks the second eye, which ac-
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for though sometimes appearance a woman's belly seemeth
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surface drain is only suited to small stables, and if traps
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action of such destructive substances. In the case of the acids the effects
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In accordance with the above, the writer says, "we may define
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by the Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York, will help greatly to a
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Breslau (Prag. mcd. Woch., No. 25), has for three years
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digestive apparatus in pregnant women is the result of that
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fastened the upper end of the humerus to the lower end, part of the
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108 to 128, res{)iratiou from 30 to 40. In the mean-
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•collected by Velpeaa.'' ProC Blackman says be expects in a few days to oper-
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6. Josserand : Bull, de la Soc. med. d. hop. de Lyon, 1902, 1, 244.
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pills three times daily, then three pills, and often four or five
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views by saying : " There are three special classes of cases in which will-
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and bowels. Powdered epicac, one or two grains, may be
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tinued, and stiffness and rigidity developed as its con-
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above the site of the obstruction is due in part to a
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rubber tubes. This is the only method available if pus is present.
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6th, and the Medical Committee then made an inspec-
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tincture of each in three ounces of water, a teaspoonful
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saw ? He was standing up, holding on to the bed, and his wife,
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the same time. For example, in the early stage, when a limb or
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they may give rise to trophic and circulatory disorders of the skin.
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isfied. The head, if not incurable, will be relieved
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tea, bouillon, peptones, meat solution, emulsions of the white or the yelk
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