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succeeded admirably in condensing into a volume of a thousand

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crossed the neck, limiting very much my space for operating. The after part

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least a week he has had no food containing sugar, or any starchy

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like, meeting with remedies, only unnatural conditions and extra bad

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patient, and although a woman of the average intel-

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tella — right, 10| inches ; left, lOJ inches ; circumfer-

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The writer observed a case in which the small intestine was involved for

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hence that cleanliness betokens pride and filthiness humility. Living

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We should look at this matter not with reference to the case

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of from I to 1*50 g., and when it is not well borne, the dose of the

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well known that the same kind of inflammation plays an import-


" I have never seen the ecraseur used in prolapsus of the rectum.

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third of the fibula is lined with quite a thick layer of periosteal new bone

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tensity, is of interest, although of doubtful etiology. It is every now and

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ends of the fingers, felt at night, and sufficiently annoy-

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The Bulletin states that the death-rate of 0.77 per

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15) 1016; ihi.l. 174:*W (June 22) 1916; ibid. 174:939 (June 29) 1916.

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of mercury, quinine, and cold water, it might be reduced

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Arno Benedict Lttckhardt, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Physiology, University

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told by the family doctor. I was led to this procedure from



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