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Anafranil Drug Study


like this, strong table, or white wine vinegar should be
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"Fungoid disease makes its appearance in individuals of every age; but its
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from the late Dr. Master, Mr. Arthur M. Master, Jr.,
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in ordinary goitre. It may be diffuse or unilateral. There is a marked
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grounds on which the destiny of the patient has to be
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Therefore, softening and fragility of the hones are the two prin-
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The physical qiiaJilies of water are utilized in hydrotherapy because it is
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" raucous " voice of syphilis and chronic laryngitis. As to aphonia,
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tion that is being depleted, the weaker and unfit are left behind.
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expansion of the lungs with air. He describes this in the above-mentioned
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water, three or more times daily, as directed by the
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ternal chilliness by exposure, cold water drank hastily, drastic
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which occurred to the author is, that it absolutely pre-
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In old age, too, he amused himself much with playful
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down I have them turned after each dose. In administering the
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the pan ; mix very smoothly sufficient flour and water to
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The wound in the flesh was situated about an inch to
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minutes ; at least it might be so inferred, from the fact that when
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solvents, particularly mercurial inunction. I specially recommended
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parts, than that caused by the organ or organs which they keep
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report. I confess I was much at a loss what course of treatment to adopt in
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the eruption as a combination of scarlatina and urticaria. In all cases
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nated by our manipulations, and to render what must neces-
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represents the final conclusion drawn from a very large series of
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g j. Dietetic Diseases; as famine fever, bulimia, scurvy, pur-
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plegia, or intracranial hemorrhage. These signs and symp-
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clinical facts time will show. Dr. Carter cites a very remark-
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oftener passes into dypsomania than delirium tremens. In the former
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found upon Rats," exa.. Journal 0/ Hygiene, vol. vi. p. 483.
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liver is enlarged and softened, kidneys enlarged, congested, and in a state
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membrane or quite near the surface of a Peyei-'s patch. Both deep and
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between forty and tifty of them in about two weeks. I have had
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conclusion can be drawn from this fact in regard to the influence
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The pharmaceutic oleoresins are liquid preparations consist-



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