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in the clinical history of this case, is the persistence of

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6.) An adventitious band lay above, about 6 inches on the convexity

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philosophers in all ages, to track to their sources the causes of

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may act in concert, or, if you please, the automatic arc may act in

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view, presenting the appearance described m a former case.

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is 23| OZ.; from Nov. 19th to 26th inclusive, when the iodide of po-

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the eyes and erythema of the face continued that day,

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of doors as much as possible, and avoid tlu; rougher

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elected. A motion to adjourn siyie die was lost. The

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these are distributed all over the organism. They may

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foot hills. We find on examination that it is an infectious fever, peculiar

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As it removes the gases of water it becomes flat to the taste, and

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intellectual and affectional faculties, from which the element radiates

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of military patients at certain selected watering-places and health

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Fully formed spectacles are always to be preferred to folding

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have seen, characterised by the occurrence of tonic, followed by clonic

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originally two years, in 1913 was extended to four years.

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may be cultivated apart from the animal body, in Home

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by Christophers. In a recent work this writer" states, regard in

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deferred any attempt to open the fistula until later in the day.

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ducted in May, 1919, six months after the cessation of hostilities.

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field of medicine multiplying rapidly, it would seem impossible for one practi-

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during inflammation of other secreting organs — the salivary

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by John Hughes Bennett of a " Case of Poisoning by Ilendock."

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believe, occasionally, at least, to depend upon the state of uterus

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teau is certainly sane enough now not to want to be

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hepatic colic (which had continued for five or six days) with intrac-

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sible. Eegarding stables built in stories, it can only be

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pal danger in this operation was the tendency for the

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only eight months old.. The second only reached five months ; it had

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now able to diagnose tlie condition in many cases with toleral>le

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and give him and his wife such information as would

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on in thissudih'U way, and probably the result of somcr

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would publish it. So he went over with his manuscript

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44 per cent, above normal. His later history shows that subsequently

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midnight calls, 503; Jaccoud on the causation of pneumonia, 564;

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which adulteration is practiced is so widely known among the intel-

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August 7. — Temperature rose early this morning to 102.8**.

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We may here begin by emphasising that in all probability the anti-

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Thoracic, Abdominal, Laborious, Noisy, Cough; — Frequency, Charac-

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mild and there is but little fever, whilst in the severest cases the child is

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between the lungs and the sides, from which adhesions

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Dotli, as 'twere, light another's Torch by his own ;

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is not easy to apply any of these explanations to an early and temporary

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Wohlgemuth's original method. The urines of 171, or 37 per cent,

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case of phthisis is, however, in my experience not gen-

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1 500 W Canal Ct, Ste 500, Littleton, CO 80120-4528. (800) 421-3756 or

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tion of rest and action. The force of the peristaltic motion could not be ascertdned with

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typhoid bouillon cultures sterilized at 62 C, with excellent results.

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the appearance of a section of a cane. These little holes

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