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of a common cold such as slight fever, cough, hoarseness,

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which produces the fever acted upon some one central

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Fracture of radius and ulna, shafts. Bowing of ulna partially corrected, frac-

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Swinburne Island hospital on August 5. On August 8 another

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torpid stomach is still further over-distended. This state

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improved. The author considers that the obstructed nasal res-

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state, as in serum separated from the cells by defibrination and centri-

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One of our Secretaries, Dr. Buckley, suggested to me that the

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of the organs of internal secretion; it seemed to us that the normal

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ever attained without labor? Turn to history and question our greatest

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English aural surgeons owe a debt of gratitude to Dr.

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developed into blebs (looking not unlike pemphigus), which finally

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and others. It is for this reason, and because I have been

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indicates the serous layer, four arrows indicate a mass of

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disappearance in a case where formerly they were abundant, is a

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close as to force the conviction upon the minds of'

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Department of Military Science of this institution during

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he had apparently made a rapid recovery, and seemed to be

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in the cardiac region. It is of momentary duration, and

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be found more or less full of f aaces, although the bowels may have

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and with our exhalations we vitiate, about a cubic foot of



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