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Dr. Alexis Zrimec





The Institute of Physical Biology is a non-profit private research organisation in the field of physical biology (=biophysics). We are a RTD project-oriented organisation, but also with educational (workshops, publishing) goals. Our expertise is understanding biological processes from a physical and mathematical perspective, process analysis based on fundamental understanding of molecular biology, physiology, physics and mathematics, interpretation and model simulations. We gather researchers from the fields of biophysics, animal and plant physiology, mathematics, physics, ecotoxicology, and others.




We designed a system for measuring weak photon emission from living tissues.


We applied the system for measuring delayed fluorescence of algae and higher plants in order to detect stress and measure some parameters of photosynthesis. We have used the system to test the effects of environmental exposure to complex chemical mixtures, especially heavy metals and herbicides, and could be used as an alternative to animal testing. The method could also be used as a high throughput analysis of plant metabolism. Luminescence measurements from plants are also correlated to viral infections due to the elevated reactive oxygen species concentrations in infected plants - we are using the system to measure the infection event of potato plants.


We perform delayed fluorescence and fluorescence measurements of marine algae to set up a system for monitoring the toxic algal populations and algal blooms in connection with aquaculture and turism.


Weak photon emission from human cells can be used as an non-invasive diagnostic technique for early cancer detection, any other stress to the nuclear DNA, and tumor imaging. We are currently investigating this phenomenon.




Biophysics, Physical Biology

Delayed fluorescence, Delayed luminescence

Alternatives to animal testing

Non-invasive cancer diagnostics




Partners we seek


RTD in biology, biophysics, microelectronics for physiology, non-invasive medical diagnostics, or ecotoxicology. Partners for joint RTD and end-users for our RTD.



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